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Twins on 12th - Her Room

Design: MOTIV Interiors LLC Photography: Sam Angel Photography

Design Solution:

In her room, we wanted to create a fun-filled space that supports softball, sleepovers, science, and anything else a girl might want to get into. The star of the show is a beautiful hand-printed wallpaper by Brooklyn designer Aimee Wilder, whose FSC-certified papers contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). That means that in addition to packing a powerful visual punch, they meet our standard for excellent indoor air quality. We also love this wallpaper because it is composed of so many different neutral colors - this room can organically evolve over time without necessarily replacing the paper (which was installed with a no-VOC adhesive).

We refreshed the remaining walls with a scrubbable no-VOC paint from Sherwin Williams (7008 Alabaster) and gave the carpets in both of the twins’ rooms a good cleaning and simple stretch as opposed to replacing them. In order to provide more functional light in her room, we incorporated a corner floor lamp for reading, a telescoping desk lamp for studying, and an eye-catching LED flower pendant on a dimmer switch sourced from Lightology. Custom window treatments in a linen/cotton blend emphasize the height of the room and bring in a little “bling” with antiqued gold hardware.

Before we even thought about aesthetics, however, MOTIV Interiors got to work right away on increasing functionality.  We added a spacious storage unit with plenty of baskets for all of our young client’s animal friends, and we made sure to include ample shelf space for books and hobbies as she finds new passions to explore down the road. We always prefer eco-friendly furnishings that are manufactured responsibly, made with sustainably harvested wood (FSC Certified), and use no glue or non-toxic glues and paints.

The bedding in this project is 100% cotton and contains no synthetic fibers. When purchasing bedding, check for the GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textile Standard). The introduction of a desk and drawer unit created a calming space to study and reflect, or write a letter to a friend. Gold accents add a bit of warmth to the workspace, where she can display her memories, goals, and game plans for a bright future.

We hope you enjoyed this project as much as we did! Each design challenge is an opportunity to push the envelope, by creating a new and exciting aesthetic or finding creative ways to incorporate sustainable design principles.


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